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Buy Led Screens

We offer for sale the best LED screens for any type of event and place. Take advantage of the boom of these led screens, to show the world in a visual way what you want to convey.


Rental of Led Screens

If you are looking to rent LED screens or are looking to buy one , the functionalities of our Led Screens are diverse. We offer quick assembly throughout the Spanish National Territory, the budget may vary depending on the type of assembly required. We provide estimates without obligation, carrying out a personalized study of each case.

With new technology, Giant Screens can be adapted to the necessary size of each job to be carried out. Its modular assembly system allows us to carry out any thought of our clients, with our intelligent electronics we can assemble the LED cabins and frames in record time to achieve the desired size. If you are not confident enough to buy an LED screen, you can rent one.



Concerts, theater, television, live broadcasting, dance, musicals and all types of performances with LED Screen needs of specific size and qualities.



Fairs and Events

Any type of social event that may need our screen and satellite broadcasting services.



Openings of companies, museums, or any related event, where real-time information and advertising is necessary with a Led Screen.


Congresses and Presentations

Our reading stands, rental screens and other hardware that our company offers for rent to our clients


Live Broadcasts

We broadcast any type of event live, both on our screens and on any necessary digital medium.




We have a vehicle with live audiovisual broadcasting capacity. All done via Satellite, with perfect synchronization. Mobile Satellite Truck.


Latest Technology Cameras

We use the latest Full HD and 4K technology recording



Professional Mobile Unit

We offer total professional mobility, working with the latest technology, always advising our clients.



For a large company, you may believe that it is more profitable to purchase LED screens for your own installation, but you must always take into account the maintenance that these require, the dead LEDs that need repair, and this represents an additional cost, in addition to having the technical knowledge of repairing or hiring said professionals.

However, renting LED screens for a concert or any type of event, although it may seem more expensive, in the long run, the lack of concern about the aforementioned maintenance means a lack of concern on the part of the client.

In any case, at ledsvisor we have both services, both sales, assembly and rental of these screens, both indoor and outdoor.

Events Led Screens Videos

Events Led Screens Photos

We are a company with extensive experience providing and installing LED screens for events nationwide with prestige and dedication in the LED sector.



LedsVisor Company

Ledsvisor is a LED screen rental company and audiovisual material for all types of events, we not only have equipment to rent Giant Led Screens, Outdoor and Indoor. We also present a high variety of possibilities for each event.

We broadcast live via satellite from any of our products, with a DSNG mobile unit and state-of-the-art cameras.

We also provide Touch Screen services , covering needs in exhibitions that require this type of technology, even making giant mobile phones and other types of formats, according to the needs of the situation.

We have a Double Screen Mobile Truck , with a 500 watt Audio System and 360º rotation. Up to 5 meters height , autonomous and with a webcam.

Custom screens to meet the needs of our clients. Also lecterns with iPad for conferences, speeches and shows.

We have a price for a showcase Led Screen

We also have LED screens for shop windows , we have no limits, we adapt to everything. The price of an LED screen is insignificant compared to the quality it will give to your showcase. Sell ​​more with our displays and better convey your message in an ingenious way. Whether you want to buy or rent advertising LED screens, we have a price for you.

Custom Led Screens

Our Led Screens are a novel product, with a variety of prices according to the customer’s needs. We adapt to any event, installing each screen with the necessary dimensions.

We have different formats and dimensions, achieving Giant Screen sizes to meet the required views at all times.

We know that different types of broadcasts are necessary for each occasion. With our professional technicians we carry out live viewings, we broadcast from anywhere to the different audiovisual supports necessary, to meet the requirements of demanding clients.


Sale of Led Screens for advertising

We have for sale LED advertising screens that will come in handy for your business, we place them anywhere and with easy assembly. We even have trucks with LED screens. Without a doubt, your business will be seen anywhere, at any time, you can call us and ask us for a quote or buy our LED screen packs.

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